May 1, 2017

Wind Measurement

A wind measurement is necessary to precede the installation of a wind turbine. It is a measurement of the speed of the wind that intends to estimate the available wind power of a placement. Actually a wind measurement shows how effective would a wind turbine be in this particular placement.
ΑtEneR takes over wind measurements for the installation of small wind turbines, using its own equipment.

The measurement duration is one year.

Right after the equipment installation the customer can log in with his personal password and watch, through our site, the energy production that an AltEneR Wind Power would have on the same placement.

At the end of the measurement, ΑtEneR delivers the results that concern the average wind speed and the maximum and the gust values per month.

For the installation, a flat base and a 6m (2inch diameter) tube are required. Our team will come to install the equipment on the base.