May 1, 2017

Light Arrows

We produce light arrows since 1992 and for many years now AltEneR is the leader in the light arrows greek market. They are luminous, directional, warning signs, made of polyethylene, mainly applicable to roadwork signaling.
The product’s development is constant. Today we use Extra High Brightness AlInGaP LEDs, to ensure a very low battery consumption (lower than a car direction flasher lamp). The Light Arrow AltEneR can be powered for an one week operation from a 100AH 12V battery.
Lamps: 7 100mm lamps (14 Extra High Brightness AlInGaP LEDs each)
Color: white
Dimensions: 79 cm length X 64cm width
Voltage: 12/24/230V
Consumption: 14 watt
Light intensity: 9000Cd