May 1, 2017

AltEneR Wind Turbine

The Wind Turbine AltEneR is a reliable, 3.5 KW small wind turbine that, given the existence of satisfactory wind potentials (based onresults of  wind measurement that we curry out) in the area, guarantees the energy supply of a standard house, TV/ telephony/ mobile telephony broadcaster, lighthouse, irrigation system, etc.

It is the ideal solution for houses located in windy areas, beyond ΔΕΗs network.

The height of the guyed tower is 7.5m and the rotor diameter is 2.8m.

The system consists of:
1. the AltEneR Wind Turbine,

  • the guyed tower (two 3m pieces and one of 1m that can be carried on a car and guy wire set)
  • the 97kg generator
  • the tail fin
  • the rotor
  • the manual

2. a 48 Volt battery bank of 600-1200 ΑΗ capacity to store the energy produced,

3. a reliable sine wave inverter (from RESPECT Engineering) that supports the loads of a standard house (refrigerator, air-conditioning, washing machine, etc.) and
4. the AltEneR Control System that handles all the loads and conducts all the desired operations. It consists of the Control Panel and the AltEneR Telemonitoring/ Telecontrol System.

Thanks to the AltEneR Control System:

  • AltEneR monitors the wind turbine through Telemonitoring and fine-tunes its behavior, through Telecontrol, according to the wind profile for best efficiency and reliable operation. You dont need to monitor and control the AltEneR wind turbine, this is our duty.
  • if you want you can Telemonitor its operation through our web site logging in using your personal password.
  • your operations on the existing installation, when you are at the installation location, are carried out through the control panel and when you are away you watch the installation through Telemonitoring and you control it through Telecontrol.

So you can monitor the wind turbine as well as the whole existing installation from a distance (see if someone has opened a door, if lights are on or off, etc) and you can control the electric loads of the installation from a distance (turn on the alarm system, the air-condition, the irrigation system, etc).
The installation is easily done by the customer, following the manual instructions.

After the installation, AltEneR monitors the wind turbine through Telemonitoring and adjusts its operation, through Telecontrol, according to the wind characteristics, to achieve the highest efficiency.
The Nacell

1. Robust corrosion resistant aluminium aloy case
2. Dump-load resistors
3. Vertical axis
4. Ball bearing
5. Hinged tail support
6. Output current slip-ring/ carbon brush assembly
7. Tail fin
8. Fiberglass rear-cover
9. Mounting flange
10 Rotor support


For further details download the AltEneR Wind Turbine Brochure from this web page.