May 1, 2017

100mm Lamps

AltEneR lamps are 100mm traffic light  lamps made with Extra High Brightness AlInGaP LEDs to ensure the lowest consumption possible.

There are 3 colors (green, red, yellow) and 2 types (conical symmetric beam and asymmetric oval beam).
Dimming (high/low intensity) possibility on demand.
Symbols on the lens on demand.


Diameter: 100mm
Number of LEDs: 14 Very High Efficiency Led
Colors: green, red, yellow
Voltage: 85 – 230V AC or 12 – 36 DC
Lens: acrylic
Beam: conical symmetric 30ْ / asymmetric oval beam 30ْ horizontal and 20ْ vertical.
Consumption: 14 watt
Light intensity: 300Cd