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Active BMS

Active Battery management systems for all stationary battery applications from simple back-up power storage, up to the most demanding intense cyclic systems

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Remote Monitoring & Control Platform

A powerful platform allowing our customers to remotely access our products through their desk-top PC or smartphone

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Industrial Controllers

Custom designed for specific demanding applications, supporting full remote internet access

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Road signaling products

Illuminated lightweight directional signals, with long-distance visibility, for roadwork and emergency highway signaling.

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About us

is a company that develops products and services based on its own technology.

AltEneR develops and manufactures professional control systems and devices, mainly oriented to:

  • Green energy generation & management
  • Energy and fuel saving
  • Stationary battery management for the most demanding cyclic and stand-by applications
  • Remote monitoring & control of industrial installations.

AltEneR together with NSE Ltd and with RESPECT are a group of sister companies, each one being a specialist in its own domain:

  • AltEneR is the specialist in control, energy management, and remote monitoring & control
  • R.E.S.P.E.C.T. Engineering is the specialist on power electronics. It develops and manufactures professional grade electronic power converters.
  • N.S.E. Ltd It is the system integration company, providing turn-key solutions based mainly on products of ALTENER and RESPECT.

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